Surf's Up for Gameloft

Promises to be the best penguin-surfing mobile game you'll ever play

Surf's Up for Gameloft
| Surf's Up

Apparently, it's a myth that if you fly a helicopter over a herd of penguins, they all crane their necks back to watch it until they fall over. Next, we'll find out that penguins don't really eat wrapper-covered chocolate bars...

Something else we're sure is made-up is the notion of 'competitive penguin surfing'. Yet that's the focus of new animated flick Surf's Up, which has just been turned into a mobile game by Gameloft.

The game sees you playing flappy star Cody Maverick and surfing in a host of locations, from Antarctica to tropical paradises. There'll also be side-scrolling platform bits (of course!) and underwater diving to master along the way.

Gameloft promises 19 levels, including eight bonus stages with a load of mini-games in them. The game will also have secrets to unlock by replaying levels and collecting bonuses.

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Stuart Dredge
Stuart Dredge
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