Super Monkey Ball heading to Windows Phone 7

iOS favourite I Dig It also due to break foundation soon

Super Monkey Ball heading to Windows Phone 7

An errant achievement bug has unwittingly revealed a list of upcoming Xbox Live-enabled titles for Windows Phone 7 due in the next few weeks.

A bug? In Microsoft-made software? Whatever next?

The issue, spotted by, means we now know that iOS hit digging game I Dig It should be winging its way across soon, as well as SEGA’s perennial favourite balancing game, Super Monkey Ball.

The other titles revealed aren’t quite as interesting as those two, but if you’re in the mood for some of IUGO’s iPhone games like Zombie Attack 2 or Implode XL, then it appears you’re in luck.

The full list of revealed games is as follows:

Deal or No Deal
Game Chest - Board Games
Centipede (part of Game Room)
I Dig It
Implode XL
Super Monkey Ball 2
Zombie Attack 2: Second Wave