High-rolling Super Monkey Ball 2 arrives on the iPhone at premium £5.99/$9.99 price

If you pay bananas, expect monkeys

High-rolling Super Monkey Ball 2 arrives on the iPhone at premium £5.99/$9.99 price

Super Monkey Ball 2, the sequel to the highly regarded original, rolled onto the App Store today several days earlier than anticipated at the premium price of $9.99 or £5.99.

The addictive gameplay is reminiscent of the original title and sees you tilting one of four monkeys – Aiai, MeeMee, GonGon and Baby - through the all-new 3D world, collecting bananas and trying your best not to fall into oblivion.

To make up for the game's cost SEGA has packed the mammoth 75MB title full of content. It features over 115 challenging levels and local wi-fi play that enables you to compete against three friends on any of the title's tracks and mini-games.

While currently the only mini-game available is Monkey Bowling, plans exist to release Monkey Golf and the fantastic Monkey Target early in the New Year.

Initial reports from the iPhone gaming community suggest that the controls and graphics have been vastly improved upon and that the game more than matches up to its steep price tag.

There does, however, appear to exist some concern over a bug where the game fails to start up after downloading - we'll keep you posted on that potential issue.

Super Monkey Ball 2 is available on the App Store, expect a review to appear shortly once we’ve scraped together enough money from behind the sofa.

Alternatively follow the link below to forego our advice and get the ball rolling.