Tough 2D platformer Super Meat Boy comes out for PS Vita on October 6th

Meat-slapping happy

Tough 2D platformer Super Meat Boy comes out for PS Vita on October 6th
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Team Meat announced a few months ago that its hardcore 2D platformer Super Meat Boy would be heading to PS Vita and PS4 later this year.

What the development pair didn't say was exactly when the game would arrive on PlayStation. Well, now we know.

The US PlayStation store has Super Meat Boy listed for arrival on PS Vita and PS4 on October 6th.

The UK store doesn't have it listed yet but, in all likeliness, it'll come out on Friday of the same week. So, October 9th, then.

It should be free to all PS Plus members. The pricing of the game isn't up yet so if you're not a PS Plus member, well, we don't know what you'll have to pay yet.

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Super Meat Boy first came out as an Xbox 360 exclusive in 2010. It has since been released on PC but due to legal reasons couldn't come to any other consoles.

Until now. Presumably it was a five year console exclusivity deal that was holding it back.

Still, it should be worth the wait if you've ever wanted Super Meat Boy on a handheld console, no matter if you've played it before or not.

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