Interactive TV game String ‘em In coming to mobile

And Sky TV, Virgin Media, Facebook and a kitchen sink near you

Interactive TV game String ‘em In coming to mobile
| String 'em In

Chances are if you’re a Virgin cable TV viewer with a posh set top box, you’ll have played Two Way Media’s interactive TV game, String ‘em In.

If you’re not one of those 11 million people, String ‘em In works much like a brightly coloured wordsearch puzzle, only the grid shrinks with each new string of letters you link together.

Each letter is coloured, with different colours representing different scores, and with a time limit of around 20 minutes it can become quite an intensive game.

String ‘em In’s been in the living rooms of New Zealand and Australia for over five years now, and is the most played game on Virgin Media’s interactive channels in the UK.

Thanks to a new deal between Two Way Media and Manchester-based multi-platform developer Connect2Media, it’s set to recieve a massive push as it comes to both the mobile and Facebook.

String 'em In is a huge game that fits perfectly with our strategic goal of being a multi-platform entertainment company,” says Eric Hobson, CEO of Connect2Media.

String 'em In is fiendishly addictive and it translates very well to global markets so we anticipate it being hugely popular throughout our extensive international distribution footprint.”