Street Fighter X Tekken Mobile lands a fatal blow on iPhone and iPad

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Street Fighter X Tekken Mobile lands a fatal blow on iPhone and iPad

Ever wondered who would win in a dust-up between Street Fighter's Ryu and the moody one from Tekken who's always taking his top off?

Well, wonder no more. Capcom and Namco mash-up Street Fighter X Tekken is now available for download on iPhone and iPad.

It's a 3D fighting game, featuring two-on-two tag team battles. There's a bumper roster of pugilists from the worlds of Street Fighter and Tekken from which to choose, including Jin, Guile, the leopard dude, Chun-Li, and the guy with Jedward hair.

Wheel of fortune

This iOS version of Street Fighter X Tekken is based on the console and Vita game of the same name, though it does possess some unique features. For one, when you slug your opponent with a launcher attack, you'll spin the gem roulette, and hopefully walk away with a handy power-up.

There's a suite of single-player options and a huge multiplayer offering. You'll be able to take on players from around the globe in ranked wi-fi matches, for example.

It's a Universal app, supports Retina displays, and has an introductory price of £1.99 / $2.99. Grab it quick, though - it'll go up to £2.99 / $4.99 quicker than you can say 'Hadouken'.

Mark Brown
Mark Brown
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