StoneAge World adds new pet, festive gift packs, and in-game holiday events in latest update

StoneAge World adds new pet, festive gift packs, and in-game holiday events in latest update

 Netmarble has announced a new update to its pre-historic pet-collecting MMORPG StoneAge World, letting players experience a new adventure in Tectonika. From December 9th to January 20th, the Winter Festival Gift Exchange Event will give Trainers the opportunity to exchange holiday-themed goodies for Bammi Family, Firera Family, and Ptecus Family.

StoneAge World is not only giving away festive gift sacks this holiday season, but players can also expect new Trainer benefits and a brand new pet to collect. The Level Jump System lets players raise their Trainer level to 150 as long as they are between Lv. 12 to 149. Meanwhile, the new Subterranean Abyss will be available to veteran players over Lv. 180. Here, They can challenge the new Raid Boss Bevmotis to score valuable goodies such as crafting materials for the Bevmotis’s Bracelet.

Players can also collect the newest Mecha Pet Mecha Crotaur via Mecha Crotaur coins, which can be earned by clearing Raid System levels. You can also simply purchase them in the Shop for a quick reward. Plus, the New Hot Time Event will increase the given Applied Effect throughout the event period. In particular, the Auto Hunt / Advanced Hunt EXP will be increased up to 500% for Trainers who are below Lv. 161.

If you're keen on upping your pet collecting game, you can download StoneAge World this holiday season on the iOS App Store and on the Google Play Store for Android devices. You can also head on over to the official website, or join the community of followers over on the Facebook page to stay updated on all the latest developments.

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