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[Update] Steredenn is a gorgeous pixel-art bullet hell shmup out now on iOS

Shoot or die

[Update] Steredenn is a gorgeous pixel-art bullet hell shmup out now on iOS
| Steredenn
Updated May 11th, 2:16 PM: This colourful, chaotic shmup is available now on iPhone and iPad.

Grab it on the App Store for £3.99/$3.99.

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Combining roguelike and shmup, Steredenn is a colorful and challenging bullet hell bringing big lasers and bigger explosions to the App Store on May 11th.

Against detailed backdrops of planets, bright nebulas, and ship graveyards, you fight against ruthless waves of enemies, formations that grow more complex and dangerous as you survive longer.

Small fighters soon become huge carriers, shielded cruisers, minefields, and laser grids, testing your evasive and shooting skills to destroy them all.

However, to counter your enemies, you have an equally varied arsenal, ranging from screen clearing lasers and energy boomerangs to combat drones and a massive sawblade.

In arcade roguelike fashion, upgrades and perks let you customize your ship and loadout; absorbing lasers, recharging a protective shield when not firing, and more transforms your ship into a formidable force.

Steredenn will cost £3.99 / $3.99 when it releases on iPad and iPhone next Thursday.

Christian Valentin
Christian Valentin
Christian always had a interest in indie games and loves to give the games that so easily go unnoticed the attention they deserve