Upcoming platform-mining game SteamWorld Dig sure is purdy

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Upcoming platform-mining game SteamWorld Dig sure is purdy
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When we think of robots, we tend to picture futuristic mechanical monstrosities like The Terminator, or the trigger happy ED-209 unit from Robocop.

Swedish dev Image & Form has presented us with an altogether different type of automaton, in the form of SteamWorld Dig's 19th century protagonist.

Currently being developed for the Nintendo 3DS, mining platformer SteamWorld Dig offers an alternative history of the Wild West. In this universe, you see, humans are all but extinct, leaving a race of steam-powered robots to inherit the earth.

After well-intentioned lead 'droid Rusty moseys into town, however, he uncovers a terrible secret hidden deep in the ground: the last remnants of the human species.

SteamWorld Dig is set in the same universe as Image & Form's previous Nintendo eShop title SteamWorld Tower Defense.

Rather than churn out a straight sequel, however, the team opted to switch genres for their latest effort.

By breathing new life into the first game's static robot towers, SteamWorld Dig has created a hero capable of running, jumping, and mining his way through treacherous underground caverns.

One thing's for sure: the game is an absolute stunner. Development should be completed by the end of April, so we look forward to downloading SteamWorld Dig from the eShop around late spring / early summer.