Static Sky will bring tactical cyberpunk action to iPad and iPhone

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Static Sky will bring tactical cyberpunk action to iPad and iPhone
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Static Sky promises to deliver tactical action across detailed cyberpunk locations.

You guide a team of high-tech mercenaries - heavy weapon specialist, agile street samurai, dual-wielding agent - on a quest for retribution, as well as ancillary missions to gather resources and upgrade your squad through augmentations.

Static Sky's cyberpunk encounters occur in real time, enhanced by a bullet time mode to issue orders. Through a simple tap-to-move/attack/interact control scheme, you can take cover, hack into terminals, plan a stealthy approach, put your heavy weapon specialist into overwatch and send your street samurai in to finish off the suppressed enemies, among other tactical options.

Hacking will be a major aspect of Static Sky's gameplay. Through a visual overlay, you can rewire the connections between various objects in the world. One example described how you could disable a turret's scanners so your team could pass by undetected, then connect the button for a nearby door to the turret. This would cause the turret to activate and target the doorway when enemies opened it.

You'll perform missions in varied locations, ranging from high-tech facilities and rain-swept rooftops to cracked streets lit by neon storefronts, each rendered with atmospheric details like dynamic lighting and real-time shadows.

Static Sky will be releasing on iPad and iPhone, ideally before Christmas but possibly next year. More information on the game's progress and development can be found here.
Christian Valentin
Christian Valentin
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