N-Gage gets Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

THQ Wireless brings a biggie to Nokia's new gaming platform

N-Gage gets Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

THQ Wireless has announced a brand new Star Wars mobile game. What's that, cynics? They've got 731 already? Tsk. This one's exciting, because it's the publisher's first title for Nokia's new N-Gage platform.

It's called Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, and it's due out next year. You'll apparently play Darth Vader's secret apprentice, and the game is set to unveil "new revelations about the Star Wars galaxy", which should please fans.

Specifically, the storyline is set in between the two Star Wars trilogies, presumably filling in the gaps of what exactly Yoda does with his time when not appearing in big-screen blockbusters (our hunch: illegal gambling. Or knitting).

So, you get to play a bad guy, and it doesn't follow the plot of a movie. Marvellous. And even better, it'll make full use of N-Gage's community features, including tournaments, high-score uploads and downloadable content.

We're hoping that last one means extra missions and the like, although it could be something less interesting such as wallpapers, so we won't count any space chickens just yet.

As yet, there are no firm details of the gameplay, but I'm out in Amsterdam for the Nokia World conference tomorrow and Wednesday, where N-Gage will be on show, so rest assured if the game is available to play, I'll bring you a hands-on report.