Squad Busters first update since launch is here, with four new characters, modifiers and more

The best time to jump back into Squad Busters

Squad Busters first update since launch is here, with four new characters, modifiers and more
  • Squad Buster's July Update is here, featuring new characters and more
  • Jessie, Ice Wizard and Dr T debut alongside Ice World with some major new abilities
  • New modifiers and an upcoming special event to unlock the Bandit will be hitting in July

It's been a few weeks since Squad Buster's launch, and while we don't have a fly-on-the-wall view to tell you how pleased Supercell are with the reception; judging by their post-launch update, this is a game that's here to stay! The June update, the first since launch, includes four new characters, a new world, modifiers and more!

First off, the new characters. Jessie, Ice Wizard and Dr T will be available from Ice chests to celebrate the release of the new Ice World. If you've already reached the Desert World, you'll be able to start earning them immediately. Bandit, meanwhile, will be making their debut come July, and be unlockable as part of a special event.

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Next up is the new world, Ice World, which as you might guess is frost-themed. It debuts alongside new modifiers like 1-Coin Chests (which is exactly what you think it is), Gem Hot Pots, Super Ice-Spirits to defeat and Golem Meteors you can beat up for even more gems.

Finally, there's the addition of skins! You can now customise the various members of your squad with skins to change up their look, with Supercell set to hold a community event working towards a free skin for the chicken character.

And that's all, mostly

This new update, if it's a sign of what's to come post-launch, certainly indicates Supercell have a lot left in the tank for Squad Busters. Given this is the big crossover game that they're hoping to be another $1bn mega-hit, we're not surprised they're pulling out all the stops, although some may be a bit miffed they have to wait till July to access one of the new characters in this update.

Still, if you're either not a Squad Busters fan, or want to change up your game time before hopping into the new update, don't fret! Take a gander at our list of the best mobile games of 2024 (so far) to see what else we think is worth a play.

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