[Update] Out now: Put out puzzlingly-placed fires in Sprinkle Islands for iOS

Get wet (Updated: Now on Android, too)

[Update] Out now: Put out puzzlingly-placed fires in Sprinkle Islands for iOS
| Sprinkle Islands

Updated on July 11th at 14:24:
Sprinkle Islands is now available to download from both the App Store and Google Play.

Grab it for your Android blowers now.

Original story follows...

"Fire! Fire! Someone call for the impractically designed fire engine that can only hold a limited amount of water, and is driven by a creature that seems more interested in speed and secret pick-ups than saving lives".

That's a call that must quite often go up around the titular islands in Sprinkle Islands - the follow-up to Mediocre's Silver Award-winning wet-'em-up Sprinkle.

The gorgeous water physics are still in place, with the wet-stuff sloshing and splashing around like it would in real life, and the aim of the game is still putting out a number of fires around ridiculously designed settlements.

There are 48 different levels spread across four different levels for you to splash your way through, each with a rating system based on how much water you use and how many secret fireflies you put out.

Simple controls round off a pretty impressive looking package that should sate the anti-pyromaniac streak in all of us.

Sprinkle Islands is out in New Zealand right now, which means it'll be out in the rest of the world later tonight. It'll set you back £1.49 / $1.99 when it does finally pop its head up on the App Store.