DS Spore Creatures 'goes gold'

Cutesy creature creation now mere weeks away

DS Spore Creatures 'goes gold'
| Spore Creatures

The hype surrounding Will Wright's latest, Spore, seems to have been going on forever, but finally the game is almost with us.

EA has confirmed Spore has 'gone gold' and will be hitting the shops soon. The DS game, Spore Creatures, will be released globally on September 7th (the PC and Mac version will be released a couple of days earlier on September 5th).

Incidentally, PC players have had access to the Spore Creature Creature tool for a few weeks now, which is all the time it has taken for people to flood the internet with 'Sporn' – pornographic creatures they've designed and animated. The sort that would make it very uncomfortable if you accidentally downloaded one while your mum was in the same room.

Of course, the DS version is less customisable and so much more family friendly – you can only stick your creature's legs on where nature intended, for instance.

We'll have a review up for Spore Creatures shortly. Click 'Track It!' to be notified the moment it's evolved enough to be published.