Three packs of free DLC for Vita action-RPG Soul Sacrifice in the pipeline

No need for sacrifice

Three packs of free DLC for Vita action-RPG Soul Sacrifice in the pipeline
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If you like your PS Vita action-RPGs grim and grimy, then you've probably already bought Soul Sacrifice.

We certainly suggested you should, describing this Silver Award-winning game as "deeper than the Grand Canyon and just as expansive" in our review.

If you need any more incentive to fork out for the game, maybe some free DLC could be just the ticket.

You see, an eagle-eyed member of the CinemaBlend team spotted a poster for this upcoming DLC in a GameStop branch over in the US.

In total, there should be three new Soul Sacrifice DLC packs coming out in the next couple of months. In these packs, we expect to see new bosses, missions, and locations.

The first of these three packs should be available on May 28th, and is cheerily entitled the "Headless Knights and Starving Ruin Dwellers pack".

It features two new bosses (Dullahan and Behemoth); the Goliath map; eight new missions; new Berserker magic; and augmented reality support.

On June 11th, the "A Drunk and a Chef pack" should make an appearance. In this, we'll come face-to-face with the Dwarf and Ogre bosses, and be able to tackle another eight missions.

Finally, the "Wild Wheels and Apparition pack" will go live on June 25th. This'll contain the Oroboros and Wraith bosses; eight more missions; and new Angelus magic.

All of that for nothing. That's a pretty good deal in anyone's book.