Sonic Mania - 6 mobile platformers to play if you don't have a Switch

Allow us to run through them all

Sonic Mania - 6 mobile platformers to play if you don't have a Switch
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Sonic Mania launched this week, which is very good news for Switch, PS4 and Xbox One owners. Mobile-only gamers, not so much.

The phrase 'New Sonic game' is usually enough to inspire fear and loathing in gamers, of course. But this one is a bit special, essentially acting as a remix and expansion of the classic Mega Drive Sonic games of the '90s.

Basically, iOS and Android owners have every reason to be jealous.

Hopefully there'll be a mobile conversion in the not too distant future. Until that day, here are six mobile games that could fill that Sonic-shaped hole in your life.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2

There's no better way to fill that Sonic-shaped hole than with Sonic himself. Sonic 2 is perceived by many (OK, me) to be the best game in the series, introducing his foxy sidekick Tails and a selection of the finest 2D platforming levels known to man. It hasn't ported perfectly to mobile, but it's about as close to Sonic Mania as you're going to get.

Sonic CD

If your Sonic hunger hasn't been sated by Sonic 2, there's one other mobile Sonic conversion you should check out. No, not Sonic 4. Silly. Sonic CD is the other game many consider to be the best in the series, adding massive levels and a clever time-warping mechanic to the classic spins and boosts.

Super Mario Run

Let's face it, you're annoyed that Sonic Mania isn't out on mobile. We hear you. What better way to lash out than to head off and have a little fun with Sonic's hated rival? Super Mario Run doesn't play an awful lot like Sonic, but it is a slick and fast-paced platformer with ace graphics. And just think how jealous Sonic will be.

Castle of Illusion

The original Castle of Illusion was a beloved Mega Drive platformer that predated the very first Sonic game. That's some heritage right there. This slick remake thoughtfully expands upon the first game and radically improves the graphics for a modern audience. It kind of did a Sonic Mania way before Sonic Mania.


In recent times, the mobile game that's reminded us the most of classic Sonic is ReRunners. In fact, it's arguably better than either of the two Sonic ports mentioned above purely through its mobile focus. ReRunners has the kind of speedy time-based platforming that Sega's mascot used to thrive on, then adds a brilliantly effortless PvP element.

Super Cat Tales

Want some slick Sonic-influenced but mobile-honed platforming, but don't want the competitive element of ReRunners? Check out Super Cat Tales, a platformer with its roots in the '90s, but with the streamlined controls that tell you it's a mobile-first experience.