Sonic Dream Team's latest update adds new Sweet Dream levels and an expert-only mission

Check out what's coming to this Apple Arcade exclusive

Sonic Dream Team's latest update adds new Sweet Dream levels and an expert-only mission
  • Apple Arcade-exclusive Sonic Dream Team is getting a fresh update with even more content
  • New levels in Sweet Dream, new achievements and a new extra-hard stage!
  • You can experience the new update in Sonic Dream Team now!

Sonic Dream Team, the Apple Arcade exclusive, is getting a major new update. Included are a new set of levels in the Sweet Dream theme, new achievements and collectible tracks for you to play in the jukebox. Two new acts in Sweet Dreams ensure you'll get even more playtime out of it.

But one of the biggest additions is for you Sonic completionists out there, with the addition of the new Bittersweet Way, an extra-challenging stage that you can only reach if you collect all Dream Orbs and Moons.

You can check out all the details of this update on the official Sega blog, or hop into Sonic Dream Team right now and experience them for yourself!

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Sega's started really putting its money into mobile over the past couple of years. With their acquisition of Angry Birds developer Rovio, it's no surprise that they've turned their attention more and more to handheld.

This latest update promises to please both completionists and those looking for a bit more of a challenge, and the addition of collectible jukebox tracks ensures that, even if you're not intimidated by the difficulty, there's still plenty of work to do if you want to complete everything being added.

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