How to always keep on running in Sonic Dash - hints, tips and tricks

With expert tips from Sonic Dash developer Hardlight

How to always keep on running in Sonic Dash - hints, tips and tricks
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Sega's Blue Blur is back on the iPhone and iPad in Hardlight's fast-paced and colourful Temple Run 2-style endless-runner Sonic Dash.

Your aim in Sonic's latest mobile adventure is much the same as in pretty much every other endless-running title that's available to download from the App Store.

Basically, you have to travel along a hazard-filled path as far as you possibly can, completing missions and picking up collectibles along the way.

That's a lot harder than it sounds, though.

That's why we've put together this handy little guide for you, which is packed full of hints and tips - including a few expert tricks from Hardlight itself.

Getting started

So, Sonic Dash is - rather unsurprisingly - very similar to Imangi Studios's recently released Temple Run 2.

Swipe upwards on your device's screen, and Sonic will quickly leap over boxes and any other small obstacles that are in his path.

If you swipe downwards, Sonic will curl up into a ball in order to either deal damage to enemies or slide under bridges and other hazards.

You can also swipe left and right to move Sonic between three different lanes, and you can tap the bottom-right section of your iPhone or iPad to boost your on-screen sprinter forwards at lightning speed.

Unlike in the abovementioned Temple Run 2, Sega's iconic mascot is capable of turning corners without aid in Sonic Dash, so you don't have to worry about his running straight off a platform to a premature death.

You should have put a ring on it

Sonic Dash features two different forms of currency: Gold Rings, which are dotted around the pathways that you sprint around; and Red Star Rings, which are a lot harder to come by.

You can spend Gold Rings, then, in the in-game store on various power-ups and upgrades (more on those a little later).

These rings (like in most of Sonic's classic platformers) also prevent you from dying if you carelessly touch an enemy or stupidly run into a set of spikes. So, collect as many as you can. As often as you can.

Red Star Rings, on the other hand, are rare. Really rare, in fact. You'll be awarded them from time to time when you complete missions (which usually involve completing set actions or picking up collectibles).

With this rarer currency in your virtual pocket, you can skip harder missions, unlock new characters, and gain access to a couple of special power-ups.

You can nab free rings by completing several in-game offers, such as 'Liking' Sonic Dash on Facebook. Naturally, they're also available in packs of varying size through in-app purchases.

Don't bank on it

Unfortunately, the Gold Rings that you pick up during each of your runs will likely disappear upon your untimely - but inevitable - death.

There's only one way to ensure that they don't: bank them.

Every now and again, you'll run past a strange gate-like contraption (see the cropped screenshot above) that spans all three lanes and looks suspiciously like a checkpoint.

Make certain that you pass this checkpoint in the lane that has a picture of a Gold Ring above it. If you do, your coins will be saved permanently for later use.

Just be careful that you don't collide with an enemy or obstacle immediately after passing the checkpoint. You'll die instantly.

Great power comes with great responsibility

Sonic Dash houses various upgradable power-ups, which you can purchase with Gold Rings and Red Star Rings from the in-game store.

Power-ups, which include a head start and revive tokens, are one-time only items, so you have to constantly replenish your stock of them.

Upgrades, on the other hand, are permanent perks that improve the usefulness of said power-ups.

So, if you upgrade your head start power-up, Sonic will travel a little bit farther every time you decide to use it.

Similarly, upgrade your dash boost, and Sega's Blue Blur will travel at lightning speed for a longer period of time when you tap the bottom right of your device's screen.

General tips

  • Complete as many missions as you possibly can. These increase your score multiplier, which, in turn, increases your overall score.
  • If you have a couple of quid burning a hole in your back pocket, consider grabbing the double ring in-app purchase (£2.49 / $2.99). With this, every ring you pick up is worth double.
  • Swipe downwards on your screen while Sonic is in mid-air, and he'll instantly roll into a ball the second he hits the ground.

Developer tips

So, those were our hints, tips, and tricks for Sonic Dash. We hope they help you.

Don't disappear just yet, though: below are another seven top tips that the guys and gals over at Sonic Dash developer Hardlight thought you should see.

Straight from the developer's mouth. You can't get better than that, really.

  • Make sure you are logged into Game Center to play against your friends. Inside Sega HQ, lots of people are having fun trying to beat one another right now.
  • Completing missions increases your score multiplier - use the 'Pause' Menu or the icon on the 'results' menu to see how you are getting on.
  • As well as unlocking characters, Red Star Rings can really help in passing that hard-to-complete mission or edging past a friend's score. You get awarded more Red Star Rings for completing missions and coming back into the game. There will be more ways to earn them in future updates, so watch this space.
  • Learn the sequences of some obstacles and enemies to avoid nasty surprises. For anyone hitting a wall after a log, mastering a down / up / down swipe sequence is your friend.
  • Save your Dash Meter for when you need it. It can get you through some tricky sections, but losing your double multiplier can really hurt your score.
  • When you have no rings, your priority should be to get some. Even having one ring on you at all times means you won't die when hitting hazards like spikes or the Badniks.
  • Swipe down multiple times to increase the length of your Spin Dash. That way, you can hit more enemies and get a much higher combo score.
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