PopCap releases aquatic-themed Facebook card game Solitaire Blitz


PopCap releases aquatic-themed Facebook card game Solitaire Blitz
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Plants vs Zombies developer PopCap has released an all-new aquatic-themed card game called Solitaire Blitz, which has been designed exclusively for Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook.

Unlike traditional solitaire games, this social title doesn't task you with arranging cards sequentially by suit. Instead, you have to place cards that are either one rank higher or one rank lower on top of a base card.

Basically, if your base card is a four, you can lay either a three or a five on top of it. If you decide to lay down a five, you can then lay down a four or a six. Simple.

You're up against the clock, though, so you have to act quickly, especially if you want to earn a high score.

Dealt a new hand

PopCap has already started rolling out a beta version of Solitaire Blitz across Zuckerberg's social network, but it should be available to the "entire Facebook user base" by early March.

I've managed to rack up a rather pathetic score of 24,500 so far, so head on over to Facebook and try and beat me.

Anthony Usher
Anthony Usher
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