Dangerously addictive Solitaire Blitz now dealing the cards on Facebook

Should come with a health warning

Dangerously addictive Solitaire Blitz now dealing the cards on Facebook
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PopCap's time-sapping, leaderboard-fuelled Solitaire Blitz is now available to all on Facebook, having been in closed beta for the past month.

To create Solitaire Blitz, PopCap has taken the base rules of Golf Solitaire, chucked in some extra special sauce, and then applied a very healthy amount of spit and polish.

The aim is simply to clear the board by playing cards that are one higher or lower than the exposed piles at the top of the screen. The longer the runs and the faster you click, the more points you score when the game ends.

Keep clicking

That would be fine on its own, but the game also contains special power-ups that may give you the boost over your friends' scores; special combinations to hit (such as making runs that result in only royal cards in the piles); and a whole host of other small, but important, factors to consider if you want to obtain the best score.

An energy system keeps the title's addictive nature (somewhat) in check, although if you're really desperate to top the weekly friends' leaderboard, you can always spend Facebook Credits to increase your chances of scoring The Big One.

Solitaire Blitz is out now on Facebook.
Will Wilson
Will Wilson
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