SolaRola gives LocoRoco a mobile twist

Eidos' latest takes inspiration from a PSP classic

SolaRola gives LocoRoco a mobile twist
| SolaRola

We've had enough of mobile developers being inspired by DS virtual dog and brain training games. Surely it's time to look to some amazing original PSP titles for ideas that can be transferred to mobile?

Like, er, um…

Only joking – there's LocoRoco, of course. It's one of the finest gaming experiences on Sony's handheld, and it's fair to assume it's been played by the developers behind Eidos' new mobile game, SolaRola.

The idea is to control two bouncing blobs called Wiz and Waz, who make their way through 25 colourful levels using the powers of gravity and shape-manipulation alone.

The game also has a soundtrack of seven specially composed songs and, as you can see, the visuals are full of character.

SolaRola isn't due out until September, but we've already had a play on an early version and it's shaping up really nicely, with tight controls and lots of bouncing.

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