Soccer Physics is probably the funniest football game you'll play on iOS

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Soccer Physics is probably the funniest football game you'll play on iOS
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Soccer Physics is the funniest football game I've ever played on mobile. I can't think of anything that even comes close to it.

Two teams, two players on each, a ball, and two goals - eternal laughs.

The game's comedy is found in its absurd controls. Just one button is used to control both players on your team. Pressing it will make them jump upwards, flinging a leg out to kick air.

They wobble and topple as you do this, meaning that they sometimes do backflips. I once saw my goalie skid across the ground with a leg in the air as if it were a shark's fin poking out of the ocean.

Just to add to the chaos, each rounds sees a number of changes to the set-up. The goals change size, the round ball is traded for an American football, or icy ground means the players slip around.

Soccer Physics

Your opponent has the same controls as you, and so each match is becomes a competition with the silly theatrics of an amateur puppet show.

You win by scoring five goals in your opponent's goal before they do. At the start, you'll probably find that you're scoring in your own goal more than anything else.

But it is possible to grips with Soccer Physics with practice. After finding a way to somehow almost master the limiting controls I was winning quite easily against the AI.

This is where the game's two-player mode comes in. Once you've got another person to play with, you'll have a blast trying to wiggle the ball into each other's net.

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It's going to take some strong arguments to convince me that developer Otto Ojala isn't the master of two-player games for iOS.

After Tank of Tanks, and his many other physics-based games of silliness, he has certainly earned that crown in my mind.

Soccer Physics will be available for iOS in the near future. We'll let you know once it arrives on the App Store.