Sneaky Sasquatch: Three Relaxing Things to Do

Sneaky Sasquatch: Three Relaxing Things to Do

Even a sasquatch deserves a repose

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Sneaky Sasquatch was one of the earliest games to release on Apple Arcade and it might be one of the services' most popular. It's an open-world adventure where you take on the role of a friendly, but mischievous, sasquatch, who tries and take food from campers as quietly as possible. 

While doing so, he needs to make sure the campers don't see him, or else he will be chased by the rangers who will promptly send our friendly sasquatch back home. It's a very wholesome game that features some beautiful colours and overall art. 

But, aside from just eating the food of park visitors, sasquatch can do many things that humans usually do, including taking part in sports. It's an aspect that adds to the game's depth of fun and humour. But, when you're not running around, what are some relaxing things to do? The game is actually already fairly chill, but here are a few things that can really relax things. 

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Go Fishing

As we talked about, there are plenty of activities you can take advantage of in Sneaky Sasquatch. One of those things is fishing, and fishing, in general, is always pretty relaxing. Anywhere you see water in the game, more than likely, there will be fish.

Pull out your fishing pole and see if you can snag some of these sea creatures. The cool thing is that fishing is more than just a leisure activity. You can actually be rewarded for catching them in two ways. One of those is that it can be kept in your backup as food, so it comes in clutch when needed.

Another thing you can do, if wealth is more of your thing, is you can meet a kind, fisherman NPC who will pay you for catching different fish. After talking to him, he will provide you with a book to document all of the fish you've captured. If you manage to snag enough fish, you'll be gifted an even greater fishing pole that will help you catch some harder fish.

Hit The Driving Range

So, playing a round of golf is both fun and pretty relaxing in Sneaky Sasquatch. But, probably the most relaxation you will probably get at the course is on the driving range. Here, you'll just be hitting consecutive balls as far or short as you want.

Doing this, and repeatedly hitting golf balls is a solid mind cleanser. There's no change of pace that will throw you off your mini-meditation session. You can just hit ball after ball after ball, freely...well, just watch out for any rangers that might walk past.

Other than that, you're free to just swing away. If you have unlocked the special outfit after completing the main story, you won't even have to worry about the rangers. Thankfully, they don't walk past the range all of the time anyway, so the spot should be yours. Now go cleanse those thoughts, one shot at a time, young sasquatch.

Taking Pictures

A newer feature that was added to Sneaky Sasquatch is the ability to do some photography. After speaking with an NPC who runs a photo store (on the strip area when you're heading towards the city), you'll be able to purchase a camera and some film. The NPC will also provide you with a book to keep your images in.

But running around and taking pictures is both fun and quite relaxing. The world of Sasquatch is large, so there's no shortage of places to explore. This will lead to plenty of fun photo opportunities including some really funny ones too. Sneaky Sasquatch is a pretty funny game after all.

If you have a screen capture app on your phone or tablet/iPad, then you can take some full, in-game screenshots too of course. Using the in-game camera will give you more close-up shots though, and can lead to some extra creativity. So go ahead, be the photographer or photojournalist you always wanted to be.

These few Sneaky Sasquatch tips will make your life at the park easier!

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