Sneaky Sasquatch: Things to do in the new update

Sneaky Sasquatch: Things to do in the new update

From green grass to city streets

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Sneaky Sasquatch has received its first big update since its launch and it gives you access to a whole new section of the open world created by RAC7 Games. You still can have fun with the other activities but there are some added things to do and places to explore. There are also a ton of new items to boot. 

But just to give you a background on the updated story, the big mean corporate man who you (Sasquatch) stopped from turning the park into condos, wants a little revenge on our friend Sasquatch. This new area of the game houses Mr. Pemberton's (corporate dude) large office building.

Apparently, he has some secret plans aimed towards Sasquatch, and it up to you to stop him from making these plans a reality. You need to get a job at the building and try to gain Pemberton's trust. Once you do, you'll be able to snatch the plans and see what it's all about.

But, for this story, we'll just talk to you about some of the leisure things you can do while you enjoy the new update. As mentioned, there are a decent amount of things to do, so definitely take advantage.

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Lots of new food to eat

One of the core aspects of Sneaky Sasquatch has always been to never starve yourself. Before everything got cranked up to 10 like it is now, you were just a simple furry beast trying to survive by eating other campers' food. You'd take food from fridges, grills, and even garbage cans. You had to eat to keep your pie chart (which acts as a health bar) filled.

So now that Sasquatch has access to the big city, that means there's more food for him to eat. You can shop at the gas station store, the supermarket, diner, and the coffee shop. Some items just fill in one slice of your pie chart but are other foods that have great benefits. 

If you go to the diner, you can buy yourself a nice juicy burger. By eating it, it will fill your chart completely. This is excellent if you're low on food and need something to get that meter filled up. You can also purchase fries and a drink which all give you the same reward. 

Just a quick warning though: it does cost 50 coins for a burger or fries so make sure you have a comfortable amount of coins. A coffee shop items are a little cheaper at 20 coins while items at the supermarket and gas station stores vary. 

Open a bank account

Ahh, well would you look at that. There is a place where our furry friend can manage his cash. Going to be the bank is something that I'd highly recommend you do. Opening an account will grant you access to some new currency that's exclusive to the city. 

However, in order to do so, you need to have some form of identification. If you took the driving test in the racing area of the park, then you should have a driver's license. If not, then you'll need to get one, as they will ask you for ID at the bank. 

In order to set up an appointment to get your bank card, you'll need to head to a telephone (there's one that's near the diner) and dial the number 555-2265. This will automatically set up an appointment for you. However, they will likely tell you to come in the next day, so be sure to remember. 

Once you get your card, you'll be able to deposit your coins to receive the new currency from an ATM. This will allow you to make specialty purchases. Many places will still accept coins, but there are certain things that do require the new money, including one that we will mention here soon. 

Get an apartment if you can

In the city, there is an apartment that you can go in and it has a few rooms for you to choose from. You can browse each of the rooms before deciding which one to rent out. As you might expect, some are bigger than others but they cost more. So your best bet would be to start small unless you have a ton of coins.

Renting an apartment room is nice because you'll have access to everything as soon as you head out the door. Although it's a pretty short drive from your house, it still might get kind of annoying commuting every time. So having the apartment gives you access to everything the city has to offer.

The catch is that the only way you can rent is by having the new currency in your account. This is one of the reasons why it's important to open up a bank account. Of course, since you are just renting, you won't be able to stay longer, but if you can get a few days in to help you with your mission, then it comes in certainly comes in handy, and you can rent again when you have the cash.

Check out the arcade

If you want some to enjoy some leisure time, then you can head over to the arcade where there a few different games you can play. The first one you'll likely notice is the hurdle jump game, starring none other you, the great Sasquatch. The goal here is to simply jump over as many obstacles as possible on an Olympic style track.

Another game is more of an RPG, where you walk around a village and smack around some zombies and other monsters. Of course, you'll need to try and survive, as you only have three hearts. The last game is hilariously all about parking. Yes, that's right, the goal is to perfectly park your car as you get to put it different parking scenarios (and it's trickier than you think, believe it or now).

The cool thing is that playing these games do reward you. You'll earn tickets when you score points or advanced to the next level. These tickets can be used to unlock three new items. One of those is the keys to your own go-kart. This is the most expensive item at 250 tickets. And if you approach the cashier guy, he'll tell you that there are "more prizes and games coming soon" hinting that RAC7 Games may have another update down the road.

On one side note: there's also a new clothing store for you to check out. Whether it's casual or business attire, there's might be something there that suits your taste (no pun intended).


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