Critically acclaimed iPad puzzler Slydris cut down to size for iPhone

Back with another one of those block-dropping feats

Critically acclaimed iPad puzzler Slydris cut down to size for iPhone
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Radiangames's Silver Award-winning iPad puzzler Slydris will soon be making its way to an iPhone near you.

This distant, slower-paced cousin of old favourite Tetris only debuted on iPad last week, yet its developer has already seen fit to squeeze it down to size for iPhone.

On his official Radiangames blog, Slydris creator Luke Schneider said: "The reviews for the game have been better than I expected. Basically, the positive user and critical reviews have made believe the game is worthy of the extra effort and time."

"Lots of people have asked me for it. I decided increasing the grid size to fill almost the whole screen and the zoom-in feature would probably make it playable enough."

Unfortunately for Android owners, it doesn't look like they'll will be getting in on the Slydris action any time soon, however.

In an interview with Modojo, Schneider became the latest in a long line of developers to express reservations over releasing their wares on the Google Play Store, saying: "I've not heard good things about selling through Google Play."

Jonathan Sutton
Jonathan Sutton
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