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Also out at midnight – Sling Kong, Free Fall, The Walking Pet, more

El Diego, Toby's Monster, Frankenfoods

Also out at midnight – Sling Kong, Free Fall, The Walking Pet, more
| Sling Kong

Here at Pocket Gamer, we're psychic, and can see into the future.

Or we have access to the New Zealand App Store. One of the two. Either way, it means you can see tomorrow's games… today!

Sling Kong
By Protostar – Free
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Sling Kong sees you bring a slinging king kong and fling him up a mountain…g.

Okay, poetry was never my strong point, but hopefully this arcade primate-thrower from Checkpoint Champion developer Protostar will be more suited to my abilities.

Lemur tossing was always my best subject at school, so maybe those skills will translate?

Free Fall
By Appsolute Games LLC - Free Free Fall

Featuring a cool, minimalist art style, Appsolute Games's Free Fall is (b)all about shielding your ball from harm.

Make sure your ball doesn't fall into any ball traps or it's a whole different ball game. Balls.

The Walking Pet
By Ketchapp - Free The Walking Pet

Hey! Ketchapp has a new game out! I know, I couldn't believe it either. What are the chances?

The prolific developer's latest, The Walking Pet, looks typically gorgeous, though that's never been the issue with Ketchapp, has it? Hopefully this'll be more Cloud Path than Arrow.

El Diego
By Bulkypix - Free El Diego

This country-hopping puzzler centres around the mischievous exploits of infamous Argentinian footballer Diego Maradona. What a character, eh?

Wait, no it doesn't. El Diego's actually about going around the world with woodlice, cats, and bouncing piñatas.

Maybe it is about Maradona after all…

Toby's Monster
By Millenway - £2.29 / $3.79
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This one's about a sheep. Or a whale. Or a golden egg. Is there a goose involved?

I can confirm that there is a water-skiing yeti though, so combined with the lack of ads and IAPs, Toby's Monster looks like it's worth checking out.

By Karakasa – 79p / $1.79

Far from being a new foodstuff available only on Halloween, Frankenfoods is actually a new turn-based strategy game in which you help Dr Frank fight evil edibles.

It also features original music from The Octopus Project, which is the coolest band name ever.

Oscar Dayus
Oscar Dayus
Oscar grew up playing games in the 90s, and as such can't help but jump on any sort of moving platform. He hasn't yet perfected the art of double-jumping in real life, though, so has now turned to writing instead.