Skylanders: Cloud Patrol update adds daily challenges and new characters

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Skylanders: Cloud Patrol update adds daily challenges and new characters

Troll-blasting toy tie-in Skylanders: Cloud Patrol, the iOS spin-off of the madly popular Skylanders franchise, has been updated with a wealth of new features.

Top of the list are the new "Daily Showdowns", in which you get to take on your friends and attempt to beat your own high scores in regular skill-based challenges.

It sounds like a smart way to increase the game's longevity, but we'll have to see whether Activision can stick to that strict daily schedule for any length of time.

Alongside the new gameplay modes are extra Skylanders chracters, including Pop Fizz, Royal Double Trouble, and Jet Vac, who I imagine to be some kind of rocket-powered household cleaning device.

Update 1.5 also adds a Magic Item Factory, which will churn out random items including score multipliers, gems, and other super-secret doodads.

Activate Activate

Those Daily Showdowns are assisted by Facebook integration and with Activision's new "Activate" network, which also allows you to save your game in the cloud.

Last but not least, French, Italian, German, and Spanish support has been added to the game. Das ist gut. Grazie.

Skylanders: Cloud Patrol surprised us with its cannon-firing, troll-toppling gameplay, earning a Silver award in the process, and the new update looks like it will make it that bit more addictive. It's available now on iOS for 69p / 99c.