Fall from the heavens to the Earth's core in dreamy dodge 'em up Skydrift on iOS

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Fall from the heavens to the Earth's core in dreamy dodge 'em up Skydrift on iOS
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Skydrift isn't like the other dodge 'em ups you've probably been playing recently.

Rather than being a hyperactive 2D arcade experience, Skydrift is a dreamy, if treacherous, fall from the heavens down to the Earth's core.

While you fall, you have to tilt your iPad or iPhone to dodge anything you might collide with, lest you restart at the last checkpoint.

The same consequence is met if you don't regularly collect the large glowing orbs to refill the diminishing bar running along the top of the screen.

The dodging is only a distraction in Skydrift. What should hold your attention is the ever-changing scenery on the way down. It's often surreal or abstract. Sky temples, rock machines, and fiery chasms are all seen on the way down.

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The gentle music helps to infuse your fall with a sense of grace. The elegance of the game is still present even when you gain high speed and struggle to react quick enough to upcoming hazards.

My only problem with Skydrift is that it doesn't let you invert the vertical tilt controls. I kept tilting it the wrong way by accident and this spoiled the experience a little.

Despite that, considering Skydrift is free on the App Store, so it's well worth giving it a look if you fancy a dreamy descent.

Chris Priestman
Chris Priestman
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