Sky: Children of the Light introduces the Season of Assembly in latest update

Sky: Children of the Light introduces the Season of Assembly in latest update

thatgamecompany is bringing a whole new nature-inspired adventure season to their award-winning title, Sky: Children of the Light. The story is about a scout who discovers the memories of his childhood while experiencing the charm of the Hidden Forest realm.

After you set on your journey in this new season, you will meet a lonely Scout Season Guide who needs help in order to build their treehouse once again. Besides helping them you will get plenty of chances to visit numerous places and carry on your adventure.

New Additions in Season of Assembly:
  • Pay a visit to other scout’s as they will help you in collecting essential items and also to reunite with them. When you visit the Hidden Forest, make sure you meet the six hidden ancestors who take you on a journey to experience their past memory.
  • A new “Scavenger Hunt” gameplay system has been introduced where 6 fetch quests need to be completed with the help of other scouts to promote unity and teamwork. Grab cool furniture items by completing them.
  • 6 new expressions (‘March’, ‘Eww’, ‘Chuckle’, ‘Bubble Blower’, ‘ Facepalm’ and ‘Scold’) are now available to unlock. A new set of cosmetics and items which includes, 7 new masks, 2 new capes, 6 new hairstyles, 9 new props, 1 new pant, 1 new musical instrument, 2 new music sheets, and a season pendant have also been included for the players to collect.
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  • Get a chance to unlock 9 collectable objects including Bookshelf, Tent, Hammock, Torch, Spotlight, Hoop, Brazier, Pillow and Jar along with new Tier 2 Heart Capes, Updates to STAR Pin effects.
  • A new event called Days of Nature will be coming in-game on April 22nd. The game will also bring the travelling spirits from the past for the player to relive their story and build a friendship with them.

Sky: Children of the Light is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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