Silly Walks tips and tricks - How to waddle your way to victory

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Silly Walks tips and tricks - How to waddle your way to victory
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Silly Walks is a level-based arcade hobbler that sees your edible hero wobbling across a house, backyard, and gym in an attempt to save his imprisoned fruit friends. A number of obstacles stand in his way, including meat mallets, vacuum cleaners, renegade tennis ball machines, and other googly-eyed household objects.

The main challenge in avoiding these dangers and staying atop the sometimes narrow walkways derives from the fact that your character is controlled one step at a time, and he spins in circles when not moving. This requires you to time each step independently and wait for him to spin toward the correct direction in order to turn.

Our tips below offer suggestions on how to master this awkward walking style so you can three-star any level.

Dash it up

Although the game doesn't officially introduce the dash mechanic until a few levels in, you have access to it from the very first stage. In addition to tapping to move forward onto your other foot, you are able to swipe in order to quickly dash a short distance.

Where your dash takes you is decided by the direction you swipe, not where you are currently facing. At the end of a dash you'll end up facing that same direction as well, so using the dash can not only help you escape danger but also quickly turn the right way.

It's easy to forget about the dash since the meter is only visible when it's refilling. But keep it in mind if you're trying to escape a pursuing enemy, duck under knives, or reach distant items. You can dash over short gaps, so if you see something on a table with no connecting pathways, you probably have to dash to get there.

Gotta go fast

If you tap in quick succession without waiting, your character will run in a straight line—for the most part. Since he's always rotating, you'll never move in a perfect line, but the art of the quick-tap-to-run comes in handy often in Silly Walks.

This type of speed-hobbling is often used in conjunction with the dash if you're fleeing danger, but it can also be used to adjust your timing when coming up on an obstacle or to simply cover long distances quickly.

The pseudo-run-walk is a bit tricky to pull off, however, so we recommend practicing it in open areas when you're not escaping danger, like a table near the beginning of a level. This will help you get a feel for running so you're ready when you need it.

Mission accepted

Each level features three missions that will award stars upon completion: one mission is always simply completing the stage ("Rescue friends," or an action required to do so) while the other two are often optional tasks like collecting sugar cubes or finding a hidden lollipop. The stars earned from missions are used to unlock additional stages.

If you complete a mission, it remains finished indefinitely—even if you die. So, let's say you completed a "collect 5 sugar cubes" mission on a stage and then died before rescuing your friends. If you replay the level, you don't need to collect those sugar cubes again: the mission will remain completed.

This comes in handy when collecting hard-to-reach items. Play through the level once focusing on simply finishing it, then go back and complete the remaining missions and simply quit the stage after you've done so.

Any sugar cubes you collect, whether for missions or not, are also counted immediately, so you can pick up cubes and then exit a level without completing it and the cubes will remain in your inventory. This is an easy way to collect extra sugar for buying new characters.

Wait for it…

Many of the stages in Silly Walks contain cutscenes that show you an important area of the level or an event, like an enemy giving chase. Although you can tap to fast-forward through these scenes, be careful that you don't tap too much.

Your character continues rotating during cutscenes, so the direction you were facing before a scene starts will not necessarily be where they are facing when it ends. Be careful not to tap just after a scene until you've confirmed your character's position—especially if they're near a ledge or enemy.

…Keep waiting

There are a number of enemy gauntlets you'll have to cross throughout the game, such as meat mallets or butcher knives that you must walk under at just the right moment to avoid being squished or sliced.

Although these enemies will immediately kill you if they land on any part of your character—including his tiny leg—you can run into them without being harmed. The best way to maneuver under them is by waiting for them to hit the ground, running into their side so you are as close as possible, then running underneath quickly as soon as they lift up.

Everyone loves pizza

Once you have enough sugar cubes to buy another character, we recommend getting one with an obvious front and back. One of the issues with many of the foods, including Piney and Ramenja, is that it's sometimes difficult to tell what direction they're facing because both sides of their body looks roughly the same.

There are some features you can use to differentiate—Piney has a straw sticking out of his back, Ramenja has noodle hair on his left-front side—but it's easier to just buy a character with very different looking sides. Peppe the pizza is our favorite since his front is dotted with pepperonis and his back is a solid brown, making differentiating between the two extremely quick and easy.

Bosses and more

A number of stages in Silly Walks introduce enemies you'll need to dispatch before reaching your friends. If these household hooligans stand between you and the end of the level, the game will usually highlight what you need to do to get rid of them: the camera will pan to a plug that needs to be unplugged, an extinguisher that needs to be picked up, a valve that needs to be turned off.

Most of these requirements are usually met by simply walking to the object or area in question and then watching your character do what needs to be done. However, some stages have more optional enemies, and it's up to you to figure out how to get rid of them.

Level 9 is one such stage: there is a mission to defeat the vacuum that chases you, but you can also just outrun it to complete the level. To actually beat it, you need to use the green apples strewn across the level. Walk towards a green apple and then around it so it stands between you and the vacuum. (You can also kick the apple if you want to roll it towards your pursuer.)

When the vacuum drives over the apple, it sucks it up. The vacuum pauses briefly while eating the apple, so even if you're fairly close you should have a second to dash away. Do this with three apples to break the vacuum.

Level 11 is the first standalone boss fight in the game. It pits your hero against an angry blender on a circular arena. To defeat the blender, you need to lead him to the X marked near the center of the stage. Then, quickly head to the right side of the room and knock the bottle marked "5 KG" off the edge. This will drop a mallet onto the blender as long as he is within the radius of the X.

The easiest way to get the blender where you want is by circling around him. He always comes at you from the top-center of the arena to start. Walk in a large clockwise circle around the outer edge of the arena so he follows you in a smaller circle near the center: you want to be moving around behind him when heading to the 5 KG bottle.

You have to hit him with the mallet three times to complete the level. Be sure to use your dash when needed, either to escape or to cross the gap to the bottle. Remember that if you want him to move a certain direction you can just stand still and rotate for awhile as he inches closer.

There's also a somewhat sneakily hidden lollipop on this stage: from the very start of the level, before you go anywhere, simply dash backwards. There's a box behind you that cannot be seen unless you walk to the very back edge of the starting point (or simply dash there).

Once you've completed these stages, you should have an idea of how other boss or mini-boss battles work in the game. There is almost always an item in the stage that will help you defeat an enemy or complete a mission. If something seems a bit conspicuous—like the trail of green apples—it probably has a purpose.