Be scared of the (bioluminescent) dark in Seashine's new update

Beware the light

Be scared of the (bioluminescent) dark in Seashine's new update
| Seashine

Seashine brought its underwater exploration and survival to mobile last year, and now the game's aquatic world just got bigger - and more dangerous - in its latest update.

The new update introduces the vacuum biome, a region of darkness where light is usually attached to the fierce predators lurking down below. The new biome includes several new creatures to avoid, like a needle-toothed viperfish and a talon-mouthed worm hungrily waiting in ambush.

Besides the new biome and creatures, the developer also added a new discovery mechanic that rewards you for exploring and finding new underwater species. More creatures and regions are planned as well.

You can download Seashine on the App Store and Google Play.