[Update] Hand Circus's epic, adorable adventure Seabeard has been soft-launched in Canada

Hoist the sails (Updated: Soft-launched in other countries too)

[Update] Hand Circus's epic, adorable adventure Seabeard has been soft-launched in Canada
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Updated on October 24th at 18:50: Seabeard's publisher Backflip Studios got in contact to let us know that the soft-launch is not exclusive to Canada.

Yep, it's available in the Mexican and the Netherlands App Store, as well as Canadian one.

If you have an iTunes account tied to any of those countries you can download the game for free right now.

Original story follows...

Hand Circus and Backflip Studios have soft-launched Seabeard in the Canadian App Store.

Seabeard? Yes, Seabeard. It's a big seafaring adventure with a bit of an Animal Crossing vibe coating it with a pleasant cartoon glean.

PG editor Mark had a good rummage around inside Seabeard back in April, and he hasn't stopped smiling since.

"It's huge, so any description of what you actually do here just degenerates into an unwieldy list of verbs," he said. "Even with all that, though, it somehow manages to feel intimate and cosy."

You can gather a crew, each of whom possess different abilities (fishing, digging, battling), acquire pets, trade with townsfolk who all have their own daily routines, and go on a huge adventure.

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It all looks and seems wonderful. However, there is one caveat to heed: this is a free to play game.

It has wait timers, two types of currency, quest-skipping options, and paid-only items.

But, according to designer Simon Oliver, you shouldn't ever feel like you're being forced to, or feel the need to, spend any of your real cash.

The IAPs are in place for those who don't mind forking out to make things go a bit quicker, i.e. those with money but not as much time.

Well, you can find out yourself how it all comes together, providing you have a Canadian App Store account (and it's easy to get one), by downloading Seabeard for free right now.

We'll have more opinions on it soon enough, as soon as the game is officially released, that is.

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