Salt and Sanctuary is a violent action-RPG for Vita from the Charlie Murder devs

Sailor slice 'em up

Salt and Sanctuary is a violent action-RPG for Vita from the Charlie Murder devs

Ska Studios has announced Salt and Sanctuary for Vita and PS4.

It's the kind of game I've come to expect from Ska Studios - style, violence, and disgusting enemies.

You may know the studio for The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile or Charlie Murder, both of which were brutal and bloody brawlers on Xbox 360. Pretty fantastic ones, I might add, too.

Ska Studios is sticking to what it's good at with Salt and Sanctuary then, which is a 2D action-RPG and platformer.

It has you playing as a shipwrecked sailor on a "strange, purgatorial island" where a nasty war has been raging for hundreds of years.

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Those who live on the island survive -- but only just -- by sheltering in the Sanctuaries. You'll gather here yourself to rest in between fighting your way across the island.

Ska said that the emphasis in Salt and Sanctuary "is stylistic sidescrolling combat: weapons have move-sets, air attacks have hang time, and rolling is king."

Compared to its previous titles, however, there is much more depth in the combat. You can mix and match swords, shields, magic, daggers, and crossbows between both hands. Each set-up also comes with its own unique move set.

The combat is inspired by Ska's previous titles, as well as Castlevania and the Souls series (Demon Souls, Dark Souls).

Salt and Sanctuary

"Of course, load-out weight affects your movement, rolling speed and stamina regen, so a good balance of defence and agility is key," Ska explained.

"Basically, it combines two things we love: fast, precise 2D combat and super strategic RPG depth. Also, there are curb stomps."
Personally, I can't wait to get stuck in.

Salt and Sanctuary is Ska Studios's debut on PlayStation platforms. It will be exclusive on PS4 and PS Vita when it releases in 2015.

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