The best deals this week in handheld and mobile - Feb 6 2017

We all like cheap games

The best deals this week in handheld and mobile - Feb 6 2017
iOS + Android + 3DS ...

Money a little tight at the beginning of 2017? We feel your pain. Fortunately, you don't need to go without your gaming fix if you shop smart.

Each week we bring you a list of the best deals on iOS and Android games, smartphones, handheld games, and any other bargains that stand out related to gaming on the go.

Found any top deals that you think should be featured? Then please, let us (and your fellow pocket gamers) know in the comments below.

iOS game deals

Racing games, puzzlers, slightly creepy interactive novels... we've got a nice spread of genres in this week's iOS game deals collection.

  • Rush Rally 2 for 99p (was £1.99) - buy
  • Quell Zen+ for 99p (was £3.99) - buy
  • Steins;Gate for £8.99 (was £24.99) - buy
  • Warlock's Tower for £1.99 9was £3.99) - buy
Android game deals

Fancy a JRPG classic? A recent retro-flavoured puzzler? Or perhaps a slick 3D racing game? We've got your Android gamers covered regardless.

  • Back to Bed for 79p (66% off) - buy
  • Warlock's Tower for £1.99 (50% off) - buy
  • Rush Rally 2 for 99p (33% off) - buy
  • Secret of Mana for £2.99 (55% off) - buy
Smartphone deals

Want to buy the best gaming smartphone on the market? Then you can currently knock £20 off the price if you shop smart.

Handheld deals

There's hefty savings on one of the best handheld JRPGs of recent times, as well as for a joyful compendium of rhythm action minigames. Hope you've kept hold of your 3DS.

  • Bravely Second: End Layer on 3DS for £22.99 (was £34.99) - buy from Argos
  • Rhythm Paradise Megamix on 3DS for £21.85 (was £29.99) - buy from ShopTo