Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden - Gameloft's iPhone Zelda clone gets a name

And a new gameplay trailer too

 Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden - Gameloft's iPhone Zelda clone gets a name

You may remember last week's trailer for a mystery Gameloft fantasy adventure, bearing a striking resemblance to a certain flagship Nintendo franchise.

Well, that game now has a name, a protagonist, and an all-new video showing us some gameplay footage.

The name is Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden, the protagonist is a rather generic-looking knight in shining armour, and the gameplay is... well, it's exactly the same as Legend of Zelda.

The video shows us some suitably epic (though hardly original) environments, including an ice temple, a giant tree, an open field, and a dungeon full of molten lava.

The gameplay footage also reveals a whole host of new Zelda tropes to look forward to: expect bombs, giant insect bosses and horse-back combat to feature heavily. The mysterious flying pirate ship from last week's video makes a return appearance, too.

It's easy to criticise the game for it's obvious lack of originality, but aping a classic like Zelda is no mean feat. If this game even comes close to Ocarina of Time, it'll be a massive achievement, however cheeky you may find it.

We'll be able to see for ourselves whether Sacred Odyssey pulls it off in February, when the game launches for iPhone and iPad.

Further details are still locked deep within Gameloft's Temple of Hype, but we'll bring you more news as it comes.

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Richard Meads
Richard Meads
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