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[Update] The physics-based runner Run-A-Whale swims out on iOS

Thar she blows

[Update] The physics-based runner Run-A-Whale swims out on iOS
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Updated May 11th, 10:38 AM: Hurrah, the day is finally here! This brightly coloured oceanic adventure is now available on iOS, so head on over to the game page, ye scurvy dogs. Or not, that's cool too.

If you fancy partaking in this striking game you can grab it on the App Store for 99p/99c.

Cast your mind back to April and you may remember a pretty game called Run-A-Whale that I'd mentioned. Exciting stuff, now it's coming to iOS on May 11th.

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Run-A-Whale is a striking, physics-based runner in which you, a shipwrecked captain, hope aboard a whale and start whale-running to your heart's content. The controls are as simple as they can be: tap to dive and release to jump, so it's your reflexes that'll really be tested here.

Though the game looks like an endless runner, there're different environments to experience, 90 objectives to unlock, five mini-bosses to take on, and 20 hats to collect while you're at it.

Run-A-Whale heads out on iOS on May 11th for £1.99/$1.99. Check out the new trailer above for more gameplay goodness.

Emily Sowden
Emily Sowden
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