Rumble Stars' upcoming update will introduce multiple ways for players to earn more rewards and Chests

A new attacking Rumbler is set to arrive this month too

Rumble Stars' upcoming update will introduce multiple ways for players to earn more rewards and Chests

Rumble Stars, Frogmind's popular sporty take on the Clash Royale formula, is set to receive a new update within the next few days. This will see several adjustments to different features of the game that will allow players to earn more rewards in multiple ways.

Following the update, Silver, Golden, Super and Legendary Chest will be available in the Progression Rewards and there will also be additional Gold up for grabs. Players will also find bigger stacks of the different rarities of Rumbler, allowing them to be upgraded faster. The Mini-Event Chest will also be replaced by a new Event Chest occasionally and it will contain double the rewards.

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Additionally, there will also be winstreak special challenges for players who manage to accumulate a certain number of victories without suffering defeat. If they do so they'll be able to earn a Colossal Chest, Super Chest and an exclusive Legendary Chest.

Frogmind has also said they'll be offering more ways to unlock Pro and Superstar Rumblers for free. This will be achieved through a mixture of regular events and challenges. On top of that, there will also be opportunities to unlock a guaranteed Legendary Rumbler even if you've not reached the division you'd normally find it.

The quest system has also seen a few adjustments to make it feel more reasonable. For instance, the objective of donating five Rumblers has been reduced to four. Elsewhere, the costs to replace Quests has also been reduced, from 10 to 5 gems for active Quests and from 80 to 40 to refresh Daily Quests.

For all the minutia of the update and to check out the balance changes to various Rumblers, head on over to the developer's recent Reddit post

Rumble Stars is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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