Rumble Stars Soccer cheats, tips - Plays which guarantee goals

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Rumble Stars Soccer cheats, tips - Plays which guarantee goals

Score every goal in this football game with this guide

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Rumble Star Soccer, or Rumble Star Football if you prefer, is all about setting animals onto the pitch to battle against one another. In sport, that is. Otherwise it’s illegal, depending on where in the world you are.

These animals are either very dumb or very smart, and when thrown together, they can combine their abilities to put together amazing combinations and score more goals than your opponent as quickly as possible.

We’ve got strikers, defenders, offenders, and some which just get in the way. But all of them can help you climb the leaderboards and become a Rumble Star Football champion, so read on for everything you need to know about the combinations and plays that can carry you through the leagues.

Character combos

Rumble Stars Soccer Football

Combining your characters for the perfect shot are what you should always be aiming for. After all, without your animals on the field, the ball won't be moving anywhere.

You don't need to worry about your goal, since your Lion goalkeeper will be there unless he gets killed or drawn away.

Characters like the Loyal Dog are literally only good in combinations, as they will only pass the ball to other characters on your team. But this is great for characters like the Lazy Panda, who doesn’t move anywhere by himself.

Other characters, like Croco and Raging Bull, will only act alone and go after other enemy players. Though that doesn’t mean they can’t be great distractions while the rest of your team are securing that goal.

In the following tips we’ll go over just a handful of practical character combinations you can use to score goals, but for now, know that Froggy, Loyal Dog, Lazy Panda, and Striker Tiger are all great to use in conjunction with one another, and are all available early on, and can carry you through the tougher leagues if you upgrade them.

Just focus on getting your basic combinations perfect first, and the rest will come naturally.

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Froggy up front

Froggy is one of the most versatile characters. Sure, he can’t move far, but he can certainly do battle. Pair him with Loyal Dog for a devastating combo.

Froggy in mid-field is able to steal the ball from opponents and slam it into the goal, which is great, but he’s also able to act as a decent goalkeeper up close if your Lion bites the dust.

Not only that, but slam Froggy right up to your opponent’s goal, and a lone goalkeeper won’t be able to efficiently fight against the relentless tirade of Froggy, as he uses his tongue to continually pull the ball in and shoot at the goal.


While your team is executing their plan, you will need someone to keep enemy characters off your team.

The Raging Bull or Croco will take down enemies efficiently and get in the way of their shots, while your team focus on the ball. This can seriously hamper enemy plans.

Likewise, you can’t let enemies get on top of you too much. Launch your own interceptors to take out aggressive enemies so your remaining team can still work towards getting those all-important goals.


Strikers will shoot directly for the goal, and they will need a clear shot. With the Raging Bull and Croco you can take out a bunch of enemies to clear the field for them, but that’s not all.

Magnetman, with good aim, can be sat in the enemy corner, and draw the goalie away from his post, leaving the goal wide open for characters like Striker Tiger, Sniper Wolf or Lazy Panda.

But with enough strikers, the enemy goalie likely won’t be able to handle the pressure regardless. Lazy Panda and Froggy placed near the enemy goal are a terrifying duo to handle.

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