Rok - Is it one of those block rocking beats?
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Rok is an interesting one. It mixes together a bunch of ideas we've already seen on mobile, throwing tactile puzzles, stealth sections, and a few action set pieces into its tale of futuristic Norse gods.

It's got an interesting style that mixes elements of Another World into a true three dimensional experience. And for the most part it works pretty well.

It has its clunky moments, and some of the ideas it implements don't work quite so well as they do in the games that inspired them, but there's a lot here to like.

Rune escape

You play a stumbling, bearded Viking who wakes up in a futuristic facility. Guided by an ethereal voice you're led through a series of levels as you try and escape.

The puzzle sections mainly involve manipulating parts of the world. You'll have to pull switches, dislodge batteries, figure out the right sequence for sliders, and generally poke and swipe at stuff until something happens.

Some of the puzzles are a little unclear to start with, but there's a hint system that highlights the stuff in the level you can move. It's not the most natural way to deal with things, but it works if you're in a tight spot.

In the more action-focused sections you're using your powers to chuck bad guys away from you. You'll get stuck in one place, then toss away anything that gets too near with a swipe on the screen.

The stealth parts are probably the most cumbersome. You need to lure evil-looking dogs away from you by tossing them bones, then tapping to sneak past while they're distracted. I managed to bodge my way through them, but they're more frustrating than entertaining.

Stone me

While there are some annoying sections, Rok is still an entertaining and diverting game. It tries to do things differently, and for the most part it succeeds, which is no small feat nowadays.

There are more polished and preened experiences out there, but Rok is still an interesting mobile game with an awful lot going for it. If you like your puzzling weird and your games premium then this one's well worth checking out.

Rok - Is it one of those block rocking beats?

A valiant attempt to try something different. Rok's experimentation doesn't always work, but when it does it's great