Rocky Rampage rolls its way to iOS and Android on April 5th

Roll over your enemies

Rocky Rampage rolls its way to iOS and Android on April 5th

Rocky Rampage is runner game unlike any other, and it's rolling its way onto mobile devices in the near future. Here, you play as Boulder Cobblestone (yes, you read right), who happens to rock some cool underwear. It's this piece of apparel that has immense significance in the game.

That's because the goal of the Rocky Rampage is to collect Boulder's collection of undies which was stolen from him by the evil Empire of Scissor. This is purely out of jealously for the great collection and satisfaction of owning it. 

These pairs of underwear are called "Wonderpants", and you'll do whatever it takes to get them back. However, you will not be able to go on this journey alone, as your trusty buddy Pebble will be by your side throughout.

The cool thing about Rocky Rampage is that you gradually build yourself up throughout. At first, you'll launch and roll at a shorter pace. But as you go, you'll be able to unlock many cool abilities that will enhance your skills. You'll then be able to launch and roll yourself further in the process.

The more rewards you collect, the further you'll be able to go. You'll take on enemies along the way as you journey across the land.

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Finally, once you earn enough abilities to launch and roll yourself far enough, you'll eventually reach the kingdom, home of the pesky Empire of Scissor. From there, you can take on bosses and retrieve your beloved Wonderpants in the process.

Just make sure you're able to roll with enough speed and power, as this is key to defeating enemies and bosses. The faster you roll, the more damage you'll deal. Master this and you'll take down enemies in no time. 

Rocky Rampage will launch for iOS and Android on April 5th. In the meantime, enjoy the trailer shown above. 

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