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Spry Fox's challenging puzzle roguelike Road Not Taken arrives on iOS

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Spry Fox's challenging puzzle roguelike Road Not Taken arrives on iOS
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On one hand, Spry Fox's Triple Town will have prepared you for Road Not Taken's item-combining gameplay. But this isn't just a puzzler. It's a challenge roguelike filled with dangerous enemies, endangered children, and dark forests, out now on iPad and iPhone.

As a mysterious hooded figure arriving in an isolated village, you venture into the woods to rescue captured children. Wildlife, monsters, and other hazards lurk in the wilderness, but you have the power to defeat them. Using your staff, you can levitate and carry items, throwing them towards others to create new combined items.

But that's only one facet of Road Not Taken's gameplay. Each step while carrying things drains your health, and saving children requires smart use of combinations to navigate and defeat enemies. Items can interact with each other, such as using an axe to cut down a tree or carrying a goat over to eat plants blocking your path.

Failure means a children freezing to death in the wintry forest. Each attempt is a year past until you die from old age, and begin anew. Succeed and you'll gain favor and build relationships among the village. Road Not Taken blends its tricky puzzles with a bleak atmosphere and myriad secrets.

Road Not Taken is available for £3.99 / $4.99 on the App Store. An Android version is coming soon.

Christian Valentin
Christian Valentin
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