Rise of Firstborn launches its latest content update, Queen of Titans

Rise of Firstborn launches its latest content update, Queen of Titans

Kixeye has launched the latest update for its mobile strategy game, Rise of Firstborn. Called Night Queen’s Titans, this mega content update adds a new hero, enhanced Titan Systems, quality of life changes, and much more. Since this is Rise of Firstborn’s first update after becoming part of Kixeye, the brand new hero – Fertina, The Night Queen will be free for everyone as a login reward for a week.

Fertina belongs to the Mystical Union and is a formidable matriarch of the Vlad Kingdom. The Queen of the Night, she wishes to build an alliance with her Descendants of the Firstborn. This Mystical Union’s goal is to take a stand against the corrupted Infidus and restrain them. Fertina plays an important role here as her abilities will give a boost to Titan Magic.

Discussing the new update, Ryan Ward, COO of KIXEYE, said: “Night Queen’s Titans is the first of many new updates we’re going to bring to the Rise of Firstborn community in the months ahead. There’s a huge roadmap of content and features we still want to bring our players in this world, and we can’t wait to share more about what’s next for this massive game.”

Additionally, the update features some tweaks to the Titans – Powerful PVP Summons. The newly added traits will let the Saviour Titan survive for longer and the mini-map now displays the position of the deployed reinforcement Titans. Another new system is the Titan Part Reinforcement, which gives players the chance to customize their own Titans once they reach six stars. These upgrades include modulating the Titan’s overall power, HP, attack power, and reinforcing troops.

Quickly sign-up this week to get Fertina for free by downloading Rise of Firstborn for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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