Red Dot is an upcoming multiplayer FPS for Android that'll soft launch in Singapore tomorrow

With battle royale, TDM and single-player modes

Red Dot is an upcoming multiplayer FPS for Android that'll soft launch in Singapore tomorrow
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FPS on mobile has been doing quite well recently. Not only do you have the popular battle royale games like Fortnite and PUBG, but we also recently saw Call of Duty Mobile have a large amount of success on its initial launch. Hoping to join that roster of popular mobile games is Red Dot, which will soft launch tomorrow in Singapore for Android devices.

With a global release expected early next year, for now the rest of us can only wait and see how the game is shaping up from afar. You can check out some gameplay in the trailer below and it looks like a pretty solid shooter. The UI has deliberately been kept to a minimum to increase accessibility for newer players.

There are three game modes you'll be able to play. Firstly there's team deathmatch, which we're all pretty familiar with. Secondly,. They'll also have a battle royale mode that they're called PK Mode. It'll be the usually looting around the map so you can find enough weapons and ammunition to be the last person standing.

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Finally, unlike a lot of the other popular online shooters, Red Dot will have a single-player mode. This will be a sniper mode where you'll take on the role of a contract killer who'll have to eliminate targets from a vantage point. They expect to add more modes in the future too.

There are over 50 different weapons and equipment from players to choose from in various categories. There will be post-game rewards but unsurprisingly, you'll also be able to get the new gear from loot boxes to get it all faster.

Red Dot will soft launch in Singapore tomorrow where you'll be able to get it through Google Play. A global launch is expected early next year.

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