Real Racing 2 arrives for iPhone December 16th

Online multiplayer, damage modelling, and price confirmed

Real Racing 2 arrives for iPhone December 16th
| Real Racing 2

Real Racing 2, the highly anticipated sequel from award-winning Australian developer Firemint, will go on sale next Thursday, December 16th.

Making good a promise to release the game before the Christmas holiday, Firemint announced the release date along with several other tantalising details.

Multiplayer is offered, both local and online. A whopping 16 players are supported online via wi-fi, whereas a maximum of 8 is allowed when playing locally.

Equally impressive is word that the game features damage modelling. In short, cars realistic take on damage as they bump into walls and competitors. That's a huge deal, especially given use of licensed cars.

Firemint reminds us that there's a large slate of 30 licensed vehicles, each of which can be upgraded by earning credits in the single player Career mode - another feature that promises to set this sequel ahead of its predecessor.

Real Racing 2 will be available for iPhone and iPod touch on December 16th at a price of £5.99/€7.99/$9.99.

Tracy Erickson
Tracy Erickson
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