Ubisoft's crazy about the first DS screens of Rayman Raving Rabbid 2

We're rabid for rabbits

Ubisoft's crazy about the first DS screens of Rayman Raving Rabbid 2
| Rayman Raving Rabbids 2

We're starting to develop a bit of a problem with Rayman. He's supposed to be the sort of character all gamers have a soft spot for, yet, as indicated by the downward arc of Crash Bandicoot, publishers can't just keep churning out character-based games in the hope that our love will endlessly endure.

Indeed, when we come face-to-face with Rayman Raving Rabbids 2, we're much more interested in those crazee Rabbids than Rayman. They're quickly becoming the stars of the show – we love this little trailer for the game, for example:

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Maybe Ubisoft understands that too, because in this game, you don't really get to play as Rayman at all. The Rabbids are trying to take over the world, so Rayman has to go undercover to stop them, which means you get to play as a Rabbid. You'll get a bunch of different customisation options to create your own disguise, and then in a Nintendogs-stylee you're able to interact with your Rabbid using your stylus.

'Touch him, scratch him, punch him, and more,' Ubisoft's press release suggests. (Maybe we'll pretend the Rabbid is Rayman and chop his arms off?)

The gameplay itself is based around 36 mini-games, which will variously use the touchscreen, stylus and microphone. Examples include several music-based offerings where you'll get to play along with pop songs using your stylus as a guitar, drums, or microphone.

Other examples – as demonstrated by the attached screens – seem to show various quick-draw pattern-matching games. There's also a nice sequence showing how the customisation process works (see below), and you can even use your Rabbid to do art, which you can then share with fellow undercover Rayman Rabbid-playing friends.

As you might expect, the mini-games are also designed to be multiplayer friendly, with up to four players supported over wireless.

Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 is currently down for a November 16th release.

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