Be the first to get the Raving Rabbids on your Facebook page!

New application tests how raving you are

Be the first to get the Raving Rabbids on your Facebook page!
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Ubisoft's Raving Rabbids games on DS haven't exactly shone with brilliance, although in fairness the mobile game wasn't bad. But we're still fond of them nonetheless – plenty of the promo videos featuring their sinister faces coupled with a sprinkling of dark humour have raised many a smile.

Which is why we deemed that our discovery of a Raving Rabbids Facebook application currently being tested on the popular networking site is worthy of telling you about.

The app gives you a series of ten Raving Rabbid-related questions which are then used to judge your raving potential in percentage form (ours was 86 per cent – beat that!)

Questions include 'How many Rabbids can you fit in a pie mincer?', with answers ranging from 'Twelve – one to stick a plunger in the mechanism, eleven more to sit on his head' to 'None – all pie mincers have been destroyed! Bwaaaah!'. Essentially, they're quite funny. Um, yes, even funnier than the example we just gave.

Get the application for yourself by clicking here. Obviously you need a Facebook account first. But who the heck hasn't got one of those by now?

Kath Brice
Kath Brice
Kath gave up a job working with animals five years ago to join the world of video game journalism, which now sees her running our DS section. With so many male work colleagues, many have asked if she notices any difference.