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Rayman Classic - As the name suggests

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| Rayman Classic
Rayman Classic - As the name suggests
| Rayman Classic

What's this? Another new Rayman game?

Actually, no. This is an iOS port of the very first Rayman game, released way back in 1995 on the Atari Jaguar. Ubisoft has decided to re-release it on iOS to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the platforming hero.

How does it hold up?

Pretty well in some areas, not so great in others. It's still a good looking game, with a colourful and vibrant world to explore. The sound is a mixed bag though. While the music is intact (and still awesome) there are some key sound effects that are missing or have changed.

When you completed a stage in the origina,l Rayman would cheer (which he still does), then you'd be treated to an anthem as he sniggered. That anthem is gone, which is a shame, because it was hilarious.

Also, the 'ting' whenever you collected a Lum has been replaced with a lacklustre popping sound. It's by no means game-breaking but die hard fans will likely find it a shame.

And what about the gameplay?

Well, that has remained exactly the same - which will greatly please or utterly distress you. You see, Rayman is an incredibly harsh and unforgiving game full of insta-deaths, leaps of faith, and tough enemies.

Unlike sudden and frustrating deaths though, the checkpoints are not plentiful.

If you loved it back in the day then you'll have an absolute blast. You may even enjoy it if you've never played it before and appreciate a challenge. Just don't expect this to be like the most recent entries in the series. It's slow, plodding, difficult, and verges on the insane.

How does it play as a port?

This is the potential sticking point. Ubisoft has decided to use a virtual control method and it's not quite up to scratch.

For a start, there's a virtual joystick in a game that was originally played using a D-pad. Arrows would have been so much more precise here.

You'll find yourself accidentally ducking all of the time, as it only takes a tiny little swipe downwards to make Rayman go prone. It's pretty frustrating to lose progress due to an accidental flop to the ground.

The buttons have similar issues. You've got a jump and a punch button - as well as the ability to stick your tongue out and scare enemies.

Because the punch button is placed directly above the jump button, you'll often find yourself accidentally pressing one when you meant to press the other. It's not a problem quite as persistent as the ducking issue but it's frustrating nonetheless.

You can remedy all of these issues by using an MFi controller but if you don't have one you'll have to hope Ubisoft patches in a few more control schemes or, at the very least, customisable controls.

So should I play Rayman Classic?

I'd say so, yes - particularly if you've played the original or are a fan of the series in general. It's not easy, but it is a ton of zany fun that works well enough on mobile.

Sure, the port's not quite perfect, but then the game never really was in the first place.

This is still a wicked and zany nostalgic experience. It doesn't quite fizz and pop in the right ways, but as blasts from the past go it's pretty solid.

Rayman Classic - As the name suggests

Thanks to some iffy virtual controls and missing audio, Rayman Classic isn't quite a perfect port of the Atari Jaguar original
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