[Update] Out now: Sell your sword to the highest bidder in Ravenmark: Mercenaries for iOS

Stabby strategy (Update: Out now, worldwide)

[Update] Out now: Sell your sword to the highest bidder in Ravenmark: Mercenaries for iOS
Updated on July 10th, at 12:30: Ravenmark: Mercenaries is actually out everywhere - and not just in New Zealand as previously reported. Fill your flippin' boots.

Ravenmark: Mercenaries is the sequel to the Bronze Award-winning Ravenmark: Scourge of Estellion, and it continues in the same sort-of-turn-based strategy vein, moving the story on and adding asynchronous multiplayer.

Rather than choosing a nation, this time round you get to build your own army of mercenaries, creating a group of fighters that suit your style then selling your services to aid one of three warring factions.

You'll deploy your battalions, give out orders, and watch as your mercenaries gain experience and toughen up through engagements both online and off.

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There are new orders to master and different skills to figure out as you try to earn as much gold and silver as you can. There are Commander Traits to experiment with that give you different powers and buffs, too.

There are more than 40 brigades to choose from, a huge codex that explains the game's setting and the various tactics you can use, and a decent chunk of single player contracts to complete too.

Ravenmark: Mercenaries is out now. It's free to play, so it won't cost you a penny to pick it up either. Witching Hour Studios is adamant the game isn't pay-to-win - we'll find out, soon.
Harry Slater
Harry Slater
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