Rumour: id’s Rage coming to Android

FPS masters now looking for an Android programmer

Rumour: id’s Rage coming to Android

Android gamers could be forgiven for getting a little despondent. The iPhone family seems to be going from strength to strength as a gaming platform, with the recent release of Apple’s social gaming network Game Center only solidifying its position.

Meanwhile, Android Market continues to be a half-formed mess of year-late iPhone conversions and sub-standard amateur efforts, with the odd timely gem thrown in for good measure.

Perhaps this will cheer you up – it looks like one of the biggest, most ambitious mobile games ever may be coming to Android. The maker of such seminal FPS games as Doom and Quake, id Software has posted a job listing for “a talented and experienced programmer to help bring our next big Mobile game to the Android space."

The name of the game isn’t mentioned, but the description of “our next big Mobile game” suggests it could well be Rage, a technically advanced console FPS that’s also being developed for iPhone.

The likelihood of such a conversion is strengthened by the job description, which appears to rule out a completely new or exclusive project: "The Android programmer is responsible for familiarizing themselves with existing id Mobile engines, bringing Mobile development to Android."

Having just knocked year-late iPhone conversions, we wouldn’t mind an Android version of Wolfenstein RPG while they’re at it. We’re fickle creatures.

Jon Mundy
Jon Mundy
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