Footage of the customisation options in Codies' Race Driver DS revealed

Build your tracks, paint your cars

Footage of the customisation options in Codies' Race Driver DS revealed

When it comes to racing games, most of the attention is often focused on the cars themselves – the models included and what they look like in-game. And rightly so, of course.

So for the record, Codemasters' Race Driver: Create & Race features 22 vehicles: Racing Renault Clio, Renault Clio Sport V6, Ford Falcon BA, Ford Falcon AU, Holden Commodore VZ, Holden Commodore VX, Holden Commodore VY, Audi A4 DTM, AMG Mercedes C Klasse DTM, Opel Vectra GTS V8, STRANA Supertruck, Honda Civic Type R, Honda NSX, Nissan 350 Z (Nismo Fairlady Z S-Tune), Dodge Charger, MG XPower SV-R, Buick Gran Sport 455, Pontiac Firebird Formula 400, BMW E26 M1 Group 4, Lancia Beta Monte Carlo Turbo, Chevrolet Corvette L88 Sunray DX and Chevrolet Silverado Truck.

Got all that?

Significantly, given the game's title, the first video to be released is all about the customisation options open to the player. These include designing your own tracks, using what appears to be a very neat-looking track editor. You clip together different sections of track, much as you would with Scalextric pieces, to create a circuit.

The other option is more artistic as you can change the colour of your car through various hues, as well as select different decals to plaster over it.

And you even get to see some game racing footage, too, although it is a bit titchy, so you might need a magnifying glass. Deploy yours on this video:

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Race Driver: Create & Race is currently gearing up for a release date of September 7th.